Amish Country 10 Pack Variety Popcorn Kernels Gift Set - 2.5lb

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Amish Country

10 Pack Variety Popcorn Kernels Gift Set

Premium Quality Kernels

Amish Country offers all natural popcorn kernels; grown with zero chemicals, and containing no preservatives. Be delighted by 10 different varieties of farm fresh, non-GMO popcorn kernels! Comes packaged in a box for easy gifting. Simply wrap and put it under the tree for a quick and tasty gift!

This gift set comes with the following varieties of kernels:


Medium Yellow, Rainbow, Ladyfinger, Blue, Medium White, Mushroom, Purple, Extra Large Caramel Type, Red, Baby White

Each kernel carries their own characteristics in flavour, shape, and taste! Find your favourite type of popcorn kernel! For more information, visit Amish Country's website and learn about their 13 varieties of corn kernels.

Baby White: Extra small white kernels known for its tenderness and iconic taste. White kernel varieties are slightly lighter, more tender, and delicate than comparable yellow varieties.

Medium White: An Amish Country favourite. The finest white popcorn available next to Baby White kernels.

Medium Yellow: A classic kernel. Made in the heart of Amish Country, this yellow variety of corn kernels will produce the perfect popcorn every time! Undoubtedly good.

Red Kernels: Very similar to white kernel popcorn, except with its own distinct characteristics. Red popcorn kernels have less flakey hulls for a better eating experience. Pops up fluffy and white every time. A popular choice! 

Blue Kernels: A hybrid popcorn that pops medium to large kernels into fresh popcorn. A distinct flavour - typically a little sweeter and not many hulls. A recent favourite popcorn kernel amongst popcorn fanatics.

Extra Large Caramel:  Large, fluffy popcorn. Great for enjoying plain, buttered, or for making caramel corn. Has less flaky hulls than most large yellow kernels.

Rainbow: A unique blend of Amish Country's kernel selection. Perfect if you can't decide on which to get! 

By keeping the tradition of kernel harvesting, Amish Country farm fresh kernels will have you hooked on premium quality popcorn. 

  • Non-GMO
  • Vegan, Vegetarian
  • Halal, Kosher Certified
  • Gluten Free, Preservative Free

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10 individually packaged bags in 1 box - 2.5lb

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