Allan Ju Jubes Bulk Candy - 2.5kg

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Allan Ju Jubes are a classic retro Canadian candy

Allan Ju Jubes are a sweet and fruity candy with a firm and chewy texture that is bursting with delicious flavours. A classic Canadian candy that we all know and love. Allan Candy has given us sweet memories since the 1930's.

Perfect for weddings, corporate events, birthday parties and all celebrations!

A sweet addition to your themed candy buffet.

2.5 kg


Glucose syrup, sugar, modified corn starch, citric acid, sodium citrate, mineral oil, carnauba wax, artificial and natural flavours, colour including tartrazine.

Allergens: May contain traces of soy or milk protein.

Customer Reviews

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Adam N.
Humble Prayer

I’m not a religious man. Divine providence never struck a cord for me to set me on my path. But I feel the need to reach out to the ether of maple syrup wherein the gods must make home and plead that these candies be forever made. They were abundant many moons ago in the USA. But corporate greed schelacked them down hard. However, the noble Canadian, in all their wisdom, preserved these ju jubes. Made by pure Canadian hands washed with deft Canadian waters. Please, please, keep making these, oh most merciful northern men and women...who know the secrets of how to keep their people safe from plagues. Save us idiots to your south; rain down ju jubes upon us, so that we can too smart be.

Nice product

Huge bag of Jube jubes for a good price.


Was wondering about a bulk order but all the different kinds of candy are fresh. Better than the plastic containers you buy in the big box stores.

Jerrie F.
Black licorice babies

Taste just like the babies I had when I was a kid and bought penny candy!

Claire B.

The Allen Ju Jubes are fresh and so delicious!!