AirHeads Xtremes Bluest Raspberry Candy - 2oz

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 Sour Candy from Airheads!

Sweetly Sour Candy Belts 

Some of us go for the gold, while others chase the tangy and bold taste of blue. We say experience blue like never before with the Airheads Xtremes Bluest Raspberry Candy.
These brilliant blue, sour belts are jam-packed with the intense flavour of delicious Blue Raspberry. 
Each thrilling taste will give you that Airheads Candy rush you love, and before you know it this candy's gone!
Fantastically chewy, and ready to burst in your mouth with a giant wave of sour and sweet candy flavours. 
Finished with a tart and tangy sugary coating for that extra hit of flavour and texture.
It's a dream come blue with the Airheads Xtremes Bluest Rasberry Candy!
57 g


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    Abdel Mawi

    Air Heads Xtremes Bluest Raspberry Candy-57 g

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