Aero Festive Orange Sharing Bar UK - 90g

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British Chocolate Bars

Enjoy your favourite citrus infused bubbly milk chocolate bar with family over the holidays in festive winter wrapping.

Aero Intense Orange Bars are made of smooth Bubbly Milk Chocolate filled with intense orange flavoured bubbles. AREO is one of our favourite Nestle Chocolate Bars because the bubbly chocolate is made using purely milk chocolate creating its unique bubbly chocolate texture.  

No Artificial Colours | No Artificial Flavours | No Preservatives | Suitable for Vegetarians

90 g Chocolate Bar

Customer Reviews

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Glenda W.
Really good bar

This has such a nice bright orange flavour. We used to have an orange aero available in Canada , but it disappeared. I we happy to find this one. It sells out quickly so don'tspend too much time deciding to buy it

D. B.
An Excellent product & very shareable

A very tasty and flavorful chocolate bar, & loved the orange flavor in the bar.