Aero Chocolate Caramel Sharing Bar UK - 90g

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Make catch-ups bubblier with Aero® Caramel, a smooth milk chocolate shell covering a light, bubbly caramel-flavoured chocolate centre. When you fancy the lightness of bubbly caramel chocolate, pick up a Caramel Aero® Sharing Bar to enjoy with family or friends. This sharing bar is made of nothing but our famous bubbly chocolate. Enjoy every bubbly piece together when you spend time with the family or indulge with friends when you're catching up. Break a piece off and feel it melt on your tongue as every single bubble is released, and revel in the pleasure of smooth milk chocolate. This much-loved chocolate is famous worldwide for its unique, bubbly texture, and has been for decades. Aero® was first launched in 1935 in peppermint flavour, followed by the milk chocolate variation in the 1970s. Since then, we've been creating even more ways to enjoy Aero®, such as Aero® Bubbles, the perfect way to spread the bubbly joy. With new flavours such as orange joining the range, there's an Aero® for everyone. When it's time for a treat, pick up an Aero® and feel the bubbles melt™.

90 g Chocolate Bar

Customer Reviews

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I highly recommend this chocolate bar. If you love Aero bars, then you’ll extra love this Aero Chocolate Caramel bar.

D. Boehm
Aero Caramel

This bar had a nice caramel taste & was a very nice chocolate bar to share with the other member of the family.

Steven Cleall
Nestle Aero Perfection

Bring on the bubbles, this is goodness in a bar. Nestle has perfected the taste of caramel with none of the mess. As with it's Orange, Milk and Mint UK stable mates you get the creamy melt in your mouth Nestle milk chocolate that you have come to know and love. Only thing is they say it’s a share bar, who seriously shares chocolate... mine, mine, mine, it’s all mine,