The Candyologists

What is a Candyologist?

Have you ever dreamt about working at the Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory? We know we have! It’s THE dream job. Trying all the newest and delicious confections, and exploring unreleased and existing products sounds like something out of a fairytale. While Willy Wonka might be a piece of fiction, being a Candyologist is not!

It’s the Sweetest Job around!

At Candy Funhouse, our Candyologists love CANDY AND CHOCOLATE! Like the Oompa Loompas, they spend their days eagerly and enthusiastically working hands-on with over 3000+ confectionery products. Taste-testing day in and day out, they provide honest and objective opinions on the products we carry. With a well-trained taste palate, they analyze all aspects of taste, texture, and quality using our in-house confectionary rating system. Here at Candy Funhouse, confectionary is a science!

Meet our Candyologists!


Chief Candy Officer - CCO

What is a Chief Candy Officer?

The Candyologists are important in selecting the candies that will be a part of the first-ever Candy Funhouse branded candy line. 10 new and original candy creations will be selected and narrowed down from hundreds of possible options.

However, we are in the search for a Chief Candy Officer to lead our Candyologists to success! If you have golden taste buds and an obvious sweet tooth, apply now!