British Chocolate

Royally Delicious British Chocolate

Yes, the British do drive on the wrong side of the street and don't speak as good English as us Canadians but they sure do know how to make exquisite British Chocolate! Some of the yummiest Cadbury Chocolate Bars are made by the British. And who could resist a Galaxy Bar?  Audrey Hepburn couldn't. Candy Funhouse has all the famous British Chocolate Bars and British Candy for your enjoyment.

Crunch White Chocolate Bar Nestlé - 1930s Bar British Chocolate Era_1930s
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Crunch White Chocolate Bar


Nestle Crunch White Chocolate Bar British Candy The smooth taste of a Crunch White Chocolate Bar from across the pond. Made by Nestle for Candy Lov...

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Milkybar Nestlé - 1930s Bar british Chocolate Era_1930s
from $2.00



British Candy A white chocolate bar sold throughout the Commonwealth nations. Produced by Nestle.

Maltesers Teasers Bar Mars - 1930s Bar British Chocolate Era_1930s
from $2.50

Maltesers Teasers Bar


British Chocolate We all love Maltesers. Now imagine crunchy little Malteser pieces floating in delicious creamy milk chocolate. That's a teaser! 3...

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