How to Make Chocolate Letters for Cakes (Without a mould)

How to Make Chocolate Letters for Cakes (Without a mould)

How to write with melted chocolate and use the chocolate for a variety of baking activities. From creating chocolate letters, numbers, decorations, designs, or just eating it, really whatever fancies your boat!

As a member of the candyologist team, we are always looking for innovative ways to enhance the eating experience of chocolate. We finally want to settle the debate on the best way to melt chocolate, which chocolate tastes AND melts the best and, overall, the best non-messy method!

Melting chocolate is actually one of the easiest things you can do. Where it gets complicated is in selecting the best chocolate to melt and, of course, the design element. Here we will answer and guide you with everything you need to know to be the best chocolate connoisseur specializing in melting and designing!

Keeping reading to learn how to melt chocolate and how to decorate with chocolate!

What type of chocolate works best for decorating?
All chocolate is excellent to use, but we recommend dark or milk chocolate as it is easier to work with. White chocolate doesn't always look great for decorating.
The brand we recommend using is Cadbury because it tastes phenomenal!

What is the best way method for melting chocolate?
Melting chocolate in its original packaging is the easiest as it is mess-free. You can place it into a bowl of hot water and still get the same results compared to other methods.

Watch our quick video to see how we did it!


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1. Get a pot and boil water until it bubbles.

2. Take your chocolate bar of choice and carefully plop the bar into the pot of hot water. We decided to use the classic Cadbury Dairy Milk - Milk Chocolate Bar!

3. Once it's been in there for around 5 minutes, it should be completely melted and ready to go! Carefully use tongs and extract the chocolate bar from the hot water. *Tip: depending on the size of your chocolate bar, it may need more time to melt.*

4. After the bar has been removed, wipe it off, so it is dry and massage the chocolate around in the package.

5. Make a small cut in the packaging corner, as this will be your mess-free piping bag. *Tip: if you want thinner lettering, snip the end close to the tip. If you want thicker lettering, snip it further up. (Keep in mind that wider letters are less likely to break once cooled.) 

6. Now in this step, you have two options: option 1, fill a bowl with ice and a tiny bit of water OR option 2, get a piece of parchment paper (wax paper) and place it on a tray.

7. After selecting your choice of location to make your design begin piping your design. Start by gently squeezing the chocolate bag from the top towards the tip as you create your design. Try to keep a continual flow of the melted chocolate coming through the tip so your design looks smooth. In our case, we decided to create the phrase "hello." Why hello? Because helloooooo, this is so easy!

8. After you are done designing your fantastic creation, place it in the fridge or freezer until the chocolate hardens, 10-20mins (depending on how large your design is).

9. Voila! You're done!! Put that chocolicious creation on a cake, pancakes, cupcakes, really any cake and prepare to wow your family and friends!

    Some motivational tips✨

    • Do not worry if the design turned out differently than you wanted it to. The great thing about chocolate is that you can eat your mistakes away, out of sight, out of mind!
    • If you don't feel like eating it, you can always remelt the chocolate and try again!

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    Super fun and easy choco melt project!

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