Yowie Chocolate Surprise

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Yowie Chocolate Collectables

Fun, delicious and informative! Peel off the foil that is printed with an assortment of 6 Yowie characters and discover the yummy milk chocolate shaped like the Yowie character. Inside the chocolate character is a Yowie molded capsule that contains your surprise. Inside is a collectible creature!

  • 28 gram (1 Ounce) chocolate molded character
  • Foil wrapped 
  • Assortment of six Yowie character foils 
  • Chocolate holds a Yowie character-shaped capsule
  • Capsule has a limited-edition replica animal inside
  • Each comes with an information leaflet with information on:
    • The animal
    • Its habitat
    • Food sources
    • Threats to the animal and its environment
  • Each has color code to show endangered status
    • Critically endangered, Endangered, Vulnerable, Near Threatened or Not Threatened
  • Collect, Swap and share to get full collection
  • Animal is a surprise till opened
  • Painted in food-grade ink
  • This series will have 24 playmates:
    • 18 will be animal replicas
    • 6 limited-edition Yowie characters