Slime Licker Mega - 3oz

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Slime Lickers from Toxic Waste Candy

A Trending TikTok Candy

Can you roll with it? Find out with the Mega-sized Slime Lickers!

We triple-dog dare you to feel the sour candy cringe of Slime Lickers!
This hazardously sour candy is a liquid candy that you roll right onto your sour-craving tongue!
This Slim Licker concoction is filled with the incredible sour sting of Blue Raz or Strawberry! Sure to produce the intense and pungent, toe-curling effect you crave!
Slime Licker Candy is for the self-inflicted sting of sour candy, not for the faint of heart! This isn't your grandma's candy! Slime Licker is reserved for the daring, the bold ones, the thrill-seekers, and the reckless sour candy lovers that feel the need to wreak sour havoc on their tastebuds!
Pucker up and prepare to have your tongue annihilated with the sour candy exhilaration of the Slime Licker that was created by Toxic Waste Candy!!

Strawberry and Blue Razz.

  • *Flavour is randomly selected*

3 oz 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Elizabeth Siemens

My daughter loves these. Tasty and fun. They are now a part of any order.

Trish Wallin
Slime lickers

My daughter said they were super delicious!!!

Jackson Baumann
Mega Slime Lickers

Amazing flavor, and exactly what I wanted. However, both of them slightly leaked. Other
than that, very good.

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