Gilliam Old Fashioned Sanded Drops

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Old Fashioned & Nostalgic Candy

Blast from the Past!


These old fashioned sanded candy drops are delicious long-lasting hard candies, in true retro candy bag packaging, in six classic flavours.

Licorice: A soothing licorice taste that isn't too intense, nor too sweet, for that perfect bite.

Root Beer: A sweet, earthy taste, just like the real thing.

Horehound: A very mild herbal taste, made from 100% pure horehound extract.

Cinnamon Stick: A delicious sweet and spicy, classic cinnamon taste.

Lemonade: As refreshing as a cold glass of sweet, fresh lemonade, with the practical ability to be carried around in your pocket!

Cherry Pie: Who doesn't love warm cherry pie?  Well now you can enjoy it in a sweet little fruity candy, instead of begging your grandmother to make you pie!