Bean Boozled Minion Edition Spinner Game

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Bean Boozled Spinner Game Inspired by Despicable Me Movie

Bean Boozled Jelly Beans Minion Edition

The creative geniuses at Jelly Belly have been inspired by the Despicable Me 3 movie to create the Bean Boozled Minion Edition Spinner Game. Jelly Belly created some new flavours with the zany banana loving Minions in mind.

Spin the wheel! What flavours will you get!

  • Spoiled Milk - Coconut
  • Dead Fish - Strawberry Banana Smoothie
  • Rotten Egg - Buttered Popcorn
  • Toothpaste - Berry Blue
  • Barf - Peach
  • Canned Dog Food - Chocolate Pudding
  • Booger - Juicy Pear
  • Pencil Shavings - Ba-na-na
  • Stinky Socks - Tutti Fruitti
  • NEW: Minion Fart - Sour Apple

Kosher Certified Parve | Gluten Free | Peanut Free

3.5 oz Gift Box

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