Yellow Candy

Yellow Candy will add excitement to any Candy Buffet! A Sweet selection of Packaged and Bulk Candy available at Canada's Online Candy Store.
Alberts Colour Splash Yellow Lollipops Alberts Candy 600g - Banana Bulk Candy Buffet Colour_Yellow lollipop

Alberts Colour Splash Yellow Lollipops

Albert's Candy

Yellow Mini Unicorn Pops Alberts Color Splash Yellow Lollipops are banana flavored and are perfect to add to a themed candy buffet for a wedding re...

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B B Bats Runk Candy Company - 1920s Colour_White Colour_Yellow Era_1920s Lollipop
from $0.50

B B Bats

Runk Candy Company

Retro Taffy Suckers Old Fashioned & Nostalgic Candy B B Bats, BB Bats, Baseball Bats, whatever you want to call these Old Fashioned Taffy Pops ...

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Lorena Del Puesto-Mango Lorena 200g - Colour_Yellow hot lollipop Lollipops Mexican

Lorena Del Puesto-Mango


Lorena Mango Del Puesto Mexican Candy Lollipop with Chili Powder Enjoy this unique Mexican candy! The lollipops come in the shape and delicious tas...

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