Yellow Candy

Yellow Candy will add excitement to any Candy Buffet! A Sweet selection of Packaged and Bulk Candy available at Canada's Online Candy Store.
Dubble Bubble Dispenser Key Ring Kidsmainia - 2000s Bubble Gum Colour_Pink Colour_Yellow Dubble Bubble Gum
from $3.00

Dubble Bubble Dispenser Key Ring


Novelty Candy Retro Candy Machine We know Bubble Gum is Fun but these dispensers take it to a new level. Kidsmania has a full line of Novelty Candy...

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Vidal Chicken Feet Vidal 1.4kg - 2000s Bulk Candy Buffet Colour_Red Colour_Yellow

Vidal Chicken Feet


Bulk Candy for Candy Buffets Vidal Chicken Feet are a yummy gummy candy bursting with delicious flavors.These colourful candies would be a sweet a...

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