White Candy

A wedding dress, snow, clouds and bunnies! These White Candies are as beautiful as all the great things associated with happiness. Candy Funhouse has a sweet selection of White Candy in Packaged or Bulk Candy. Every Candy Buffet needs a little white!
Baci Dark Chocolate Perugina - Chocolate Colour_White Dark Chocolate Individually Wrapped Type_Bulk
from $18.00

Baci Dark Chocolate


Baci is the flavour of an Italian Kiss Bulk Candy Baci® Perugina® are still exclusively produced in Perugia, and the recipe remains unchanged: a pe...

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Kerrs Chocolate Mints Kerrs Candy 180g - Canadian Canadian Candy Colour_White Gluten Free Halal

Kerrs Chocolate Mints

Kerr's Candy

Finest Quality Canadian Candy Kerr's Chocolate Mints are the delicious hard candy we love! These classic Canadian Candies are made with naturally f...

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Kit Kat White Minis Nestlé 200g - 2010s Canadian Bar Colour_White Era_2010s Kit Kat
Sold out

Kit Kat White Minis


Have a Break, Have a White Kit Kat Here’s a new twist on a classic that’ll delight you and those you share it with. KIT KAT White Chocolatey Wafer ...

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Milkybar Wowsomes White Chocolate Bars British Candy

Milkybar Wowsomes 18g-UK


Milkybar Wowsomes White Chocolate Bar  Imported from the UK Milkybar Wowsomes have arrived to bring the fun - with 30% less sugar and 95 calories a...

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Sixlets White SweetWorks 1kg - Bulk Candy Buffet Chocolate Colour_White Sixlets
from $16.00

Sixlets White


Sixlets White Sixlets are small round candy-coated, chocolate flavoured candy with a cocoa and carob center that gives it a distinct malted taste. ...

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