White Candy

A wedding dress, snow, clouds and bunnies! These White Candies are as beautiful as all the great things associated with happiness. Candy Funhouse has a sweet selection of White Candy in Packaged or Bulk Candy. Every Candy Buffet needs a little white!
Kit Kat White Minis Nestlé 200g - 2010s Canadian Bar Colour_White Era_2010s Kit Kat

Kit Kat White Minis


Have a Break, Have a White Kit Kat Here’s a new twist on a classic that’ll delight you and those you share it with. KIT KAT White Chocolatey Wafer ...

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Princess Mallows-UK British Candy

Princess Mallows-UK

Tangerine Confectionery Ltd

Luxuriously Soft Pink and White Marshmallows Princess Original Pink And White Marshmallows are so soft and fluffy they'll melt in your mouth...ligh...

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