Waterbridge Just Toffee Milk Chocolate Sponge Toffee - 200g

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Waterbridge Sponge Toffee

British Candy

Waterbridge Just Toffee Milk Chocolate Sponge Toffee is the perfect treat for a die-hard toffee lover. If you love the crunch and snap of a true sponge toffee you will love these sweet two-bite pieces, dunked and drizzled in a delicate layer of premium milk and white chocolate.

  • British Candy

200 g

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Customer Reviews

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Love This version of sponge toffee. Will be reordering.

As a fan of the original BritishCadbury Crunchy bar I totally love this version of sponge toffee. The sponge toffee in each piece is nice and firm and the chocolate coating tastes great and the thickness of the chocolate is perfect. The pieces are irregular in size so I can pick and choose according to my immediate preference. I found that the package actually lasted longer because of the multiple pieces - as opposed to a single Crunchy bar that would disappear into my mouth far too quickly.

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