Vegan Candy

Vegan Candy List

Here’s the complete listing of all candies that we carry which are vegan, most of which are approved by PETA.
Please note that ingredients always change so this listing may not always be 100% accurate. Also, even though most of these candies are approved by PETA to be vegan, some may be 99.9% vegan.

Please give us suggestions for candy that should be added.

This Vegan Candy List will be continuously updated.

Millions Cola Tubes Millions 80g - British Colour_Brown No Artificial Flavours Origin_British Retro
from $3.50

Millions Cola Tubes


A Retro British Candy Treat The Tiny Tasty Chewy Sweets Millions Cola are chewy sweets with a crunchy shell that have been enjoyed by British Candy...

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from $3.50