Salt Water Taffy Candy

Taffy Candy

An Old Tyme Favourite that spans back for centuries! Different kinds of taffy include Laffy Taffy, Salt Water Taffy, Turkish Taffy, Airheads and Starburst. Many people love them since they were kids, because it can be a great snack when you’re not looking to eat a candy bar or something filling.

Laffy Taffy Guava Pineapple Candy Nestle 120g - 1930s Era_1930s Kosher Laffy Taffy Mexican

Laffy Taffy Guava Pineapple Candy


Laffy Taffy Inspired by Mexican Candy The newest flavours from Laffy Taffy are inspired by the tropics of Mexico. Laffy Taffy Guava and Pineapple a...

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