Salt Water Taffy Candy

Taffy Candy

An Old Tyme Favourite that spans back for centuries! Different kinds of taffy include Laffy Taffy, Salt Water Taffy, Turkish Taffy, Airheads and Starburst. Many people love them since they were kids, because it can be a great snack when you’re not looking to eat a candy bar or something filling.

Kerrs Fruit Taffy Kerrs Candy 180g - Canadian Canadian Candy Colour_Assorted Gluten Free Individually Wrapped

Kerrs Fruit Taffy

Kerr's Candy

Finest Quality Canadian Candy Kerr's Fruit Taffy are made with natural colours and flavours. These delicious candies contain no high fructose corn...

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Old Fashioned Toffee Cones BonBon Rio Candy 0.9kg - Canadian Canadian Candy Novelty Origin_Canadian Retro
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Old Fashioned Toffee Cones

BonBon Rio Candy

15 Yummy Toffee and Sugar Cones   360g