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Novelty Candy offer Different Kinds O & Gifts To Play with your candy and eat it too

Novelty Candy is more than just candy, it's a visceral experience. Here you will find a fun amalgamation of candy, novelty candy gifts and toys for all ages. From sweet to sour you are sure to find different kinds of candy, that will bring out the inner child in you.

Wonka Pixy Stix-4 oz Bag Nestle 130g - 1970s Era_1970s Nestle Candy Shop Novelty Retro

Pixy Stix-4 oz Bag

Nestle Candy Shop

Candy Filled Fun Straws Pixy Stix are the retro candy that every kid that lives inside us loves! These classic straws are filled with the yummy can...

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Boo Berry Nestlé 0.8kg - 1970s cereal Era_1970s fruit Novelty
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Boo Berry


Introduced in Halloween in 1971, this mix of cereal and marshmallows has a distinct berry flavour and is only produced by General Mills during the ...

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Fizz Wizz Cola Popping Candy Zeta 20g - 1970s Era_1970s Novelty Retro Type_Retro
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Fizz Wizz Cola Popping Candy


Fizz Wizz Cola Super Loud Popping Candy Super loud cola flavoured popping candy. Give your taste buds some delicious fun! Suitable for Vegetarians...

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Mega Bruiser Giant Jawbreaker Box Sconza Candy Company 600g - 1970s American American Candy Era_1970s hard candy
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Mega Bruiser Giant Jawbreaker Box

Sconza Candy Company

Outrageously Humungous Jawbreaker! One pound of pure jawbreaker fun. The Mega Bruiser Jawbreaker will test your limits with sweet joy. Made by Scon...

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