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Are you a regular Candy Funhouse fanatic? Does all your delicious candy come from Canada's largest online candy store? We appreciate your business, and love delivering your mouth-watering treats. That's why we always introduce new candy. We keep surprising you with new candy that you can introduce to your tastebuds! Some of our new candy is actually retro candy that has been modernized! How exciting. Enjoy your favourite nostalgic treats, combined with new flavours. Take advantage of tasteful candies, that get shipped right to your door. How convenient!

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Cadbury Chocolatey Indulgence 95g Front

Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolatey Indulgence Bars - 95g


Milk Chocolate with Chocolatey Creme New Cadbury Chocolate Bars | Made in Canada The sweet geniuses at Cadbury have added chocolatey creme in this ...

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