Licorice Candy

Licorice Candy from around the world.

Licorice Candy makes the perfect treat for an office candy bowl, a late-night snack, or when you need bulk candy for a party, wedding, or another special event.

A timeless treat for all ages, Candy Funhouse offers the best licorice candy in all colours, including everyone’s favourites: red licorice and black licorice candy, and even purple, blue and green licorice too! Check out our huge selection of licorice deliciousness from the best brands around the world, like Kraepelin & Holm, Red Vines, and Twizzlers. There are tons of great options to choose from including mouthwatering shoestring licorice, licorice laces, and more! 
Walker's Liquorice Tray Toffee Candy Funhouse Canada

Walker's Liquorice Toffee Bars-UK

Walker's Nonsuch Ltd

Old Fashioned British Candy Walker's Famous Licorice Toffees Candy This old fashioned candy is famous for its immensely delicious black licorice fl...

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