Gluten Free Candy

Find tasty and delicious gluten-free candies and treats right here. This is great if you or someone you love is gluten-intolerant or suffer from celiac disease, and wants to enjoy a sweet treat. 
Hersheys Kisses Hersheys 2.1kg - 1900s Candy Buffet Chocolate Colour_Silver Era_1900s
from $40.00

Hershey's Kisses


Hershey's Milk Chocolate Kisses Bulk Candy Hershey's Kisses are an old fashioned candy that has been around since 1907! Made from the most deliciou...

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Kerrs Clear Mints Kerrs Candy 200g - Canadian Canadian Candy Colour_Silver Gluten Free Halal

Kerrs Clear Mints

Kerr's Candy

Finest Quality Canadian Candy Kerr's Clear Mints are the mint hard candy we love! These classic Canadian Candies are made with natural peppermint o...

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Zed Candy Roller Cola Ball Jawbreakers
from $1.50

Zed Candy Roller Cola Ball Jawbreakers

Zed Candy

Cola Jawbreakers with Bubblegum Zed Candy Roller Cola Ball Jawbreakers are a cola flavoured jawbreakers with a bubblegum centre. Each ball has a la...

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