Easter Candy

Easter Candy

A limited supply of Easter Candy that will sweeten any Easter Basket!

Hersheys Eggies-220g Hersheys 240g - 2010s chocolate egg Easter Era_2010s Foil Chococlate
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Hershey's Eggies-220g


Milk Chocolate Eggs in Candy Shell Great for Egg Hunts and Sharing Hershey's Eggies mini milk chocolate candy coated eggs are perfect for Easter ...

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Cadbury Chips Ahoy! Egg Cadbury 50g - 2010s cadbury Canadian Chips! Ahoy Chocolate

Cadbury Chips Ahoy! Egg


Cadbury & Chips Ahoy! Sometimes sweet dreams do come true 34 g Chocolate Eggs

Cadbury Mini Eggs Cadbury 40g - 1960s Cadbury Canadian Chocolate Easter
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Cadbury Mini Eggs


Retro Candy Loved Since 1967 Canadian Candy Cult Classic Cadbury Mini Eggs are solid milk chocolate eggs covered in a crisp candy shell. Cadbury fi...

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