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B B Bats Runk Candy Company - 1920s Colour_White Colour_Yellow Era_1920s Lollipop

B B Bats

Runk Candy Company

Retro Taffy Suckers Old Fashioned & Nostalgic Candy B B Bats, BB Bats, Baseball Bats, whatever you want to call these Old Fashioned Taffy Pops ...

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Laffy Taffy Banana Willy Wonka 0.063kg - 1970s Colour_Yellow Era_1970s Laffy Taffy Origin_American
from $2.00

Laffy Taffy Banana

Nestle Candy Shop

Laffy Taffy Stretchy & Tangy Banana Candy Bar Laffy Taffy Banana is a delightfully soft and stretchy taffy candy that comes with an amusing jok...

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Lemon-Head Candy Ferrara Candy Co. 2.27kg - 1950s Christmas Gift Ideas Colour_Yellow Era_1950s Gluten Free

Lemon-Head Candy

Ferrara Candy Co.

The Original Lemon-Head Sour Candy Retro Sour Candy Lemon-Head Candy is a type of deliciously retro sour candy jawbreaker, dating back to the nosta...

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Hi-Chew Banana Morinaga 60g - chewy Colour_Yellow fruit Hi-Chew Japanese
from $2.00

Hi-Chew Banana


Hi-Chew Banana Fruit Chews Candy Super Juicy and Chewy Fruit Candy! Hi-Chew Banana are sensationally chewy fruit candies.These delicious banana fla...

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Haribo Ginger Lemon Haribo 5oz - 1920s Colour_Yellow Era_1920s gummies Gummy

Haribo Ginger Lemon


Happy World of Haribo Candy Haribo Candy Since 1920 Haribo Ginger Honey Gummi Candy have a tart and slightly spicy taste that is sure to please any...

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Alberts Colour Splash Yellow Lollipops Alberts Candy 600g - Banana Bulk Candy Buffet Colour_Yellow lollipop

Alberts Colour Splash Yellow Lollipops

Albert's Candy

Yellow Mini Unicorn Pops Alberts Color Splash Yellow Lollipops are banana flavored and are perfect to add to a themed candy buffet for a wedding re...

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Lorena Del Puesto-Mango Lorena 200g - Colour_Yellow hot lollipop Lollipops Mexican

Lorena Del Puesto-Mango


Lorena Mango Del Puesto Mexican Candy Lollipop with Chili Powder Enjoy this unique Mexican candy! The lollipops come in the shape and delicious tas...

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Rock Candy Sticks-Yellow Banana Espeez 30g - 1890s Colour_Yellow Era_1890s Gluten Free Halal
from $1.50

Rock Candy Sticks-Yellow Banana


Yellow Banana Flavoured Rock Candy Sticks An Old Fashioned Candy for your Candy Buffet Espeez Yellow Banana Rock Candy Sticks are made with the hi...

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Maynards Bassetts Sherbert Lemons-UK Maynards Bassetts 210g - British Colour_Yellow Hard Candy lemon Maynards Bassetts

Maynards Bassetts Sherbert Lemons-UK

Maynards Bassetts

A delicious retro candy from the UK Maynards Bassetts Sherbert Lemons are a delicious lemon flavoured hard candy with a sherbert centre. Pucker up ...

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Kerrs Butterscotch Drops Kerrs Candy 180g - Butterscotch Canadian Canadian Candy Colour_Yellow Gluten Free

Kerrs Butterscotch Drops

Kerr's Candy

Original Canadian Candy Recipe Kerr's Butterscotch Drops are the delicious hard candy we love! These classic Canadian Candies are made with real cr...

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Juicy Twists Sour Bites-Lemon Lime Kennys Candy Company - Colour_Yellow Era_1980s Kosher Origin_American Type_American
from $3.50

Juicy Twists Sour Bites-Lemon Lime

Kenny's Candy Company

Delicious Juicy Twist Sour Candy Made with Real Fruit Juice Made with real fruit juice and a sour twist - the perfect combination of fruit candy an...

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Kingsway Lemon BonBons Kingsway 3kg - 1960s British Bulk Colour_Yellow Era_1960s

Kingsway Lemon BonBons


British Candy Traditional British sweets that have been enjoyed for many generations.  3 KG Bag

Lorena Candy Crayon-Mango Lorena 350g - Colour_Yellow Mexican Origin_Mexican Yellow

Lorena Candy Crayon-Mango


Lorena Crayon Mango Mexican Candy  Crayon Mango Soft Candy 280 g | 10 Pack

Wonka Laffy Taffy Banana Mini Tub-145 Count Bulk Candy

Laffy Taffy Banana-145 Count Tub

Nestle Candy Shop

Laffy Taffy Banana will make you laugh Enjoy the delicious chewy sweetness of the original Laffy Taffy Banana in their mini forms! Each tub contain...

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