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Crush Grape Licorice Kennys Candy Company 0.142kg - 2000s Colour_Purple Era_2000s Licorice Peg Bag

Crush Grape Licorice

Kenny's Candy Company

Licorice Candy Made with Real Crush Soda Now you can enjoy your favourite pop flavours in licorice candy!  These licorice candy twists are juicy en...

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Pop Rocks Grape Pop Rocks 0.009kg - 1970s Colour_Purple Era_1970s Pop Rocks Purple
from $1.50

Pop Rocks Grape

Pop Rocks

Pop Rocks the Original Popping Candy Retro Candy from the 1970's Taste the Explosion in your mouth! A Sweet Blast from the Past! Pop Rocks Grape Ca...

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Mondoux Licorice Laces Grape Mondoux 200g - 1920s 1940s 1970s Canadian Canadian Candy

Mondoux Licorice Laces Grape


Old Fashioned & Nostalgic Candy Fun Licorice Candy! Fruit-flavoured fun you can play with! 125g of yummy Grape Licorice. That delectable shoe s...

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Grape Airheads Candy Taffy Perfetti Van Melle Inc. 0.8kg - 1980s Airheads Colour_Purple Era_1980s Kids
from $0.50

Grape Airheads Candy Taffy

Perfetti Van Melle Inc.

 Grape Airheads Candy Taffy - Retro Candy from the 1980's Airheads Grape are a tangy taffy candy that come in individually wrapped strips. Now with...

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Wonka Laffy Taffy Stretchy & Tangy Grape Retro Candy
from $2.00

Laffy Taffy Grape

Nestle Candy Shop

Laffy Taffy Stretchy & Tangy Grape Candy Laffy Taffy Grape is a delightfully soft taffy bar that comes with an amusing joke to enjoy for hours ...

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Alberts Colour Splash Lollipops Purple Alberts Candy 600g - 2000s Bulk candy Candy Buffet Colour_Purple

Albert's Colour Splash Lollipops Purple

Albert's Candy

Lollipops Perfect for Candy Buffets Albert's Colour Splash Lollipops Purple are perfect for any Purple colour themed Candy Buffet but are also deli...

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Rock Candy Sticks-Grape Espeez - 1890s Colour_Purple Era_1890s Gluten Free Halal
from $1.50

Rock Candy Sticks-Grape


Grape Flavoured Rock Candy Sticks An Old Fashioned Candy for your Candy Buffet Espeez Rock Candy Sticks are made with the highest quality ingredie...

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Millions Blackcurrant Buzz Tubes Millions 80g - British Colour_Purple No Artificial Flavours Origin_British Retro
from $3.50

Millions Blackcurrant Buzz Tubes


A Retro British Candy Treat The Tiny Tasty Chewy Sweets Millions Blackcurrant Buzz are chewy sweets with a crunchy shell that have been enjoyed by ...

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Hi-Chew Grape Morinaga 60g - chewy Colour_Purple fruit Hi-Chew Japanese
from $2.00

Hi-Chew Grape


Hi-Chew Grape Fruit Chews Candy Super Juicy and Chewy Fruit Candy! Hi-Chew Grape are sensationally chewy fruit candies.These delicious grape flavou...

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Unicorn Pops Mini-Purple & White Grape Lollipops Adams & Brooks Inc - 1990s candy Colour_Purple Era_1990s Individually Wrapped
from $1.00

Unicorn Pops Mini-Purple & White Grape Lollipops

Adams & Brooks Inc

Purple & White Grape Lollipops Unicorn Pops Mini Purple & White Grape Lollipops are made by Adams & Brooks using the finest ingredients...

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Lorena Candy Crayon-Grape Lorena 350g - Colour_Purple Mexican Origin_Mexican Purple

Lorena Candy Crayon-Grape


Lorena Crayon Grape Mexican Candy  Crayon Grape Soft Candy 280 g | 10 Pack

Juicy Twists Licorice Candy-Grape Kennys Candy Company - Colour_Purple Era_1980s Kosher Origin_American Type_American
from $3.50

Juicy Twists Licorice Candy-Grape

Kenny's Candy Company

Delicious Juicy Twist Licorice Candy Made with Real Fruit Juice These delicious Grape Juicy Twists Licorice Candy taste like they were freshly pick...

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Wonka Laffy Taffy Grape Purple Bulk Candy-145 Count Tub

Laffy Taffy Grape-145 Count Tub

Nestle Candy Shop

Laffy Taffy Grape will make you laugh Enjoy the delicious chewy sweetness of the original Laffy Taffy Grape in their mini forms! Each tub contains ...

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Cube Pops-Huckleberry Espeez 2.5kg - 1920s American American Candy Candy Buffet Colour_Purple

Cube Pops-Huckleberry


Old Fashioned Candy Cube Pops Huckleberry are the original old fashioned candy lollipops. These delicious huckleberry flavoured purple lollipops ar...

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