American Chocolate

Delightful American Chocolate Bars We Salute

The sweet and creative geniuses from the good ole USA always have a special treat for our tastebuds. For over a century they've given the world so many wonderful American Chocolate Bars that we all crave. Who could resist a Milky Way, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, Hershey Bars or you know that chocolate bar...umm...Whatchamacallit?

100 Grand Bar Ferrero 0.043kg - 1960s American Bar Caramel Chocolate
from $2.00

100 Grand Bar


100 Grand American Chocolate Bars Retro Candy from the 1960's 100 Grand Bar provides a richer, more rewarding snack experience because of its crunc...

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Dove Milk Chocolate Mars Inc. 50g - 1960s American Bar Chocolate Chocolate Bar

Dove Milk Chocolate

Mars Inc.

Silky Smooth Milk Chocolate Bar Dove Milk Chocolate Bar is made from the finest cacao creating an exceptional and delicious chocolate eating experi...

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