Chupa Chup Forever Fun Assorted Lollipops - 12g

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Iconic European Lollipops

If you’re looking for a kick in your lollipop, look no further. You’ll get that unique taste sensation in these imported lollipops. 

Chupa Chups has a long and iconic history in Europe. The company’s logo was designed by Salvador Dali, the famous artist. This is a candy experience you’ve simply got to try. Chupa Chups have been imported all the way from Europe just for you, so go ahead and give yourself a treat. 

This mix truly is forever fun containing all these assorted flavours from different Chupa Chups collection: Strawberry, Apple, Cherry, Cola, Strawberry-Cream, and Raspberry-Vanilla.




*1 randomly selected lollipop flavour per order*

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Im a kid again

takes me back to my childhood - I feel like 12 yrs old again but this time my teeth won't grow back :) The variety of flavours and speed of delivery was great

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