We Can Be Heroes


CbridgeClash Event at Candy Funhouse

Oh Yes We Can!

This past weekend Candy Funhouse held the #WeCanBeHeroes event in support of the #CbridgeClash. The event was a success beyond anything we could have ever dreamed. We want to thank the people of Cambridge for coming out and supporting the Cambridge Self Help Food Bank. In 3 hours we raised 512lbs of food! That is going to feed a lot of children this coming Christmas. We should all be proud of what we accomplished! BUT, we aren’t done yet! We’re going to be collecting from over 50 locations across Cambridge trying to raise as much food as we can until December 17th. Winner to be announced December 18th!
Batman and his Elf
There were a lot of special guests who visited Candy Funhouse, including Batman! The caped crusader took a day off from crime fighting to help defeat the villain, hunger! He greeted kids and parents alike, and with his trusting elf handed out some sweet candy!
Curiously, after Batman was called to the Batcave, Santa arrived on the scene. If you’ve never met Santa in person you can’t imagine how energetic he really is! This Santa makes you believe in the Christmas spirit! Video coming soon!
Gayle O'Brien at Cbridge Clash
We also had special guests from DaveRocks, Gayle O’Brien and Darryl Law visited. With food in hand, and good spirits, they continued to show epic support for CbridgeClash and all it stand for. There may have also been some trash talking (Preston is taking this for a second year)!
Those who came out got to enjoy the musical stylings of Seven Sundays, and the super group, The Candy Men! Check out our Youtube Channel to see some of their awesome videos. Special shout out to Angus Audio who supplied the lighting and sound.
Darryl Law and Batman cbridgeclash
There were even some poets in attendance that took the mic and recited some original poetry! Only at Candy Funhouse can a rock concert momentarily turn into a Poetry Slam!
Batman and Super Girl at CbridgeClash
The bags of food kept pouring in throughout the afternoon. There were even some people who made two trips and dropped of multiple bags. Just to emphasize how spectacular the afternoon food drive was, a member from the Cambridge Self Help Food Bank came to pick up what we had collected. SHOCKED, as she turned the corner to see the over flowing treasure chest of food she stepped back and rethought that idea. “I’ll send a truck in the morning.”
Batman and Santa at Cbridgeclash
It was a beautiful day to have an event as CANDYLAND has happening in central park, Preston.  After the sweet fun times at Candyland, many came by to pack the Candy Funhouse party room and enjoy the music!
The candy men at cbridge clash
Our second annual event in support of CbridgeClash was a huge success thanks to the people of Cambridge, who really showed how much they cared for their neighbours.
Now we know. We Can Be Heroes!
The CbridgeClash

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