Party Central

Candy Funhouse is dedicated to bring smiles to faces. And part of that will be making it convenient for you to get everything you need for special occasions. With our party room under construction we have bundled together sweet delights for various price points.

 Basket Artist

CUSTOMIZE your own loot bag or gift basket with any items available in our store.


SO...Maybe you're organizing a fun birthday party for your beautiful son or daughter.  There is much to be considered, especially those all-important, precious loot bags that those kids will be talking about at school for days after... But now you never have to worry about it again!  

Here at Candy Funhouse we have pre-packaged-and-ready-to-be-ripped-into loot bags filled to the brim with the mouth watering candy those kids are looking for.  We are offering different sizes of these special little pouches, with different assortments of sweets for all girls and boys!  Order your pre-made Loot Bags here!


We are thrilled to share gift baskets for the perfect, most sweet way to celebrate those special moments.  Each delectable basket will feature its own theme, such as Retro Candy, Willy Wonka's Specialties, Classic Chews, Chocaholic's Contentment, British Delight, Licorice Lovers, and Sugar-Free Sweet Tooth.  

Not only will we be offering these basic themed baskets, (with more to come), but our Basket Artist (a.k.a. The Candy Queen), will also be taking custom orders for you to really hit that special someone in the sweet spot and give them exactly what they're craving!   


We will have more details soon about additional party options, but in the mean time, come by and take a look at our fresh new arrangements and keep us in mind when you're searching for the sweetest gift for that perfect someone.